Global Presence

Kanoo and Manuchar have formed a powerful partnership to import and distribute chemicals in Saudi Arabia, leveraging Kanoo's extensive local experience and strong customer relationships, alongside the global network of Manuchar. This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds, combining Kanoo's in-depth understanding of the Saudi Arabian market and its unique requirements with Manuchar's vast international reach and expertise. By joining forces, Kanoo and Manuchar offer a comprehensive solution for importing and distributing chemicals, ensuring seamless operations and delivering unparalleled value to customers in Saudi Arabia.

Sales in over
150 countries
Global activity
75% of the world
Local Presence in
+35 countries
Warehouse space of
608,000 m²
  • Kanoo Manuchar office
  • Global presence

Manuchar Brazil - Recife

Manuchar Office - South Korea - Seoul

Manuchar Thailand

Manuchar Vietnam

Manuchar Nigeria

Manuchar South Africa - Durban

Manuchar India

Manuchar Brazil - Curitiba

Manuchar USA

Manuchar UAE

Manuchar Mexico

Manuchar Shanghai

Manuchar Hong Kong

Manuchar Guatemala

Manuchar Colombia

Manuchar Beijing

Manuchar Dominican Republic

Manuchar El Salvador

Manuchar Pakistan

Manuchar Ivory Coast

Manuchar Canada

Manuchar Chile

Manuchar Brazil Head Office

Manuchar Honduras

Manuchar Indonesia

Manuchar Turkey

Manuchar Algeria

Manuchar Kenya

Manuchar Peru

Manuchar Philippines

Manuchar Brazil - Blumenau

Manuchar Misr

Manuchar South Africa - Johannesburg

Manuchar South Africa - Cape Town

Manuchar Trinidad Ltd

Mapriplastec Ecuador

Quimasa Ecuador

Unichem Ecuador

Manuchar Brazil - São Paulo

Manuchar Argentina

Manuchar Logistics Bolivia

Manuchar HQ Belgium

Kanoo Manuchar- Riyadh

Kanoo Manuchar - Al Khobar

Kanoo Manuchar - Jeddah

Kanoo Manuchar - Yanbu

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