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Kanoo Manuchar makes significant investments in every stage of the chemicals supply chain to guarantee its strength and optimization. This comprehensive approach encompasses various crucial aspects, starting from the initial enquiry and order placement, all the way to track and trace, storage, transport, and delivery. We also provide dedicated support, ensuring compliance with regulations throughout the process. By consistently monitoring and refining these processes, we ensure their seamless and efficient execution.

Our range of services in chemical distribution covers the entire value chain, including just-in-time delivery of goods to your factory.

Discover our Value-Added Services

Kanoo Manuchar - sourcing


Our sourcing experts procure commodities at the best possible conditions according to your specific needs. 

  • Access to suppliers globally through our sourcing network
  • Negotiating optimal prices and conditions given our scale and market knowledge
  • Ensuring back-up sourcing and supply in case of disruptions
  • Ensuring product quality, certifications and documents


Maritime Logistics

In support of the trade, we optimize the logistic costs for shipments in bulk, breakbulk or containers to the port of destination.

  • Maximizing maritime shipping reliability with long-standing relationships with shipping lines
  • Optimal prices and conditions given our scale and cargo-combinations
  • Quality assurance through inspections at source and destination ports
  • Seamless, hassle-free processing and coordination of all documents and formalities


Port Operations & Inland Transit

We transport commodities to our strategically located warehouses or to your production plant. 

  • Transport from port of arrival to strategically located warehouses
  • Discharging of vessels in selected locations
  • Handling of customs to ensure flow of goods


Local Warehousing & Value-Added Services

We keep your chemicals in stock and provide Value-Added Services. 

  • Storing and handling of products
  • Keeping local stock (including safety stock)
  • Providing Value-Added Services such as mixing, palletizing, barcoding and (re-)bagging

Last Mile Logistics

We arrange the local logistics and/or Just in Time (JIT) delivery. 

  • Organizing the transport for delivery to the customer
  • Providing support through local teams
  • Offering safety stocks, full DDP price and JIT delivery


Coordination - Our Commitment to Excellence

Financing, Insurance & Coordination

State of the art monitoring and coordination is crucial in making the end-to-end supply chain work. Our experts closely track and manage goods readiness, shipping arrangements, documentation, financing, insurance and provide immediate fallback solutions when unexpected incidents occur.  

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