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Global expertise for local operational excellence

Kanoo Manuchar, a powerful joint venture, leverages the strengths of Manuchar and Kanoo to offer you the best of both worlds. Through Manuchar's global reach and expertise in chemical sourcing, combined with Kanoo's unrivalled local distribution capabilities, we deliver exceptional solutions. Our extensive product portfolio and top-notch chemical distribution services cater to diverse industries, including petrochemicals, mining, energy, home & fabric care, personal care, animal nutrition, human nutrition, crop nutrition, and pharmaceuticals.

Through our strategically located offices across Saudi Arabia, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to the chemical industry in Saudi Arabia.

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We serve a range 
of industries

Our team of international experts has a proven track record of success in various industries. We understand the unique needs of local markets and have tailored our offerings to meet those demands through extensive research and continuous adaptation of our portfolio. With decades of experience and a passion for excellence and innovation, we are equipped to handle any challenge and provide unparalleled service. 

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We are also a third-party logistics service provider.

We offer a broad range of end-to-end Logistics Services. We discharge the vessel, we do the destuffing and stuffing of your containers, inspect your cargoes, keep your products in storage, re-bag, dispatch,… reload barges and transport cargoes to your production site. We provide these services for products (both bulk and packed) such as agricultural commodities, malt, fertilizers, steel and other dry bulk chemicals. 

Port Operations

We discharge the vessel, we control the quantity and quality of your cargo and transport your commodities to our strategically located warehouses or to your production site using high quality standards and GPS tracking.

  • Discharging of vessels in selected locations
  • Destuffing of inbound & stuffing of outbound containers
  • Shipment tally and weighbridge services
  • Handling of customs to ensure flow of goods
  • Transport from port of arrival to warehouses 

Warehousing & Value-Added Services

We keep your commodities in stock and provide Value-Added Services. 

  • Storing and handling of your products
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) : controlling and managing warehouse operations from the time your goods or materials enter our warehouses until they move out
  • Providing Value-Added Services such as palletizing, barcoding, quality controls, (re-)bagging, wrapping, packing and many more

Inland Transport

We arrange the local logistics and/or Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery. 

  • Organizing transport for delivery of your goods to your production site
  • We provide container (First and Last Mile cartage/ drayage), break-bulk, bulk distribution as well as line-haul transport using our own branded vehicles or outsourced transport 
  • Use of Transport Management System (TMS) providing visibility into our day-to-day transportation operations, trade compliance information and documentation, ensuring the timely delivery of your freight and goods

Kanoo Manuchar's
Global presence

Kanoo and Manuchar join forces to import and distribute chemicals to Saudi Arabia, combining Kanoo’s local experience and customer relationships with Manuchar’s global network.

  • Kanoo Manuchar office
  • Global presence

Manuchar Brazil - Recife

Manuchar Office - South Korea - Seoul

Manuchar Thailand

Manuchar Vietnam

Manuchar Nigeria

Manuchar South Africa - Durban

Manuchar India

Manuchar Brazil - Curitiba

Manuchar USA

Manuchar UAE

Manuchar Mexico

Manuchar Shanghai

Manuchar Hong Kong

Manuchar Guatemala

Manuchar Colombia

Manuchar Beijing

Manuchar Dominican Republic

Manuchar El Salvador

Manuchar Pakistan

Manuchar Ivory Coast

Manuchar Canada

Manuchar Chile

Manuchar Brazil Head Office

Manuchar Honduras

Manuchar Indonesia

Manuchar Turkey

Manuchar Algeria

Manuchar Kenya

Manuchar Peru

Manuchar Philippines

Manuchar Brazil - Blumenau

Manuchar Misr

Manuchar South Africa - Johannesburg

Manuchar South Africa - Cape Town

Manuchar Trinidad Ltd

Mapriplastec Ecuador

Quimasa Ecuador

Unichem Ecuador

Manuchar Brazil - São Paulo

Manuchar Argentina

Manuchar Logistics Bolivia

Manuchar HQ Belgium

Kanoo Manuchar- Riyadh

Kanoo Manuchar - Al Khobar

Kanoo Manuchar - Jeddah

Kanoo Manuchar - Yanbu

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